The Nomad Is Here-Who?

A Nomad's View

The Nomad is Here- Who?

Across the globe, we can find homes on any continent, within any 4 walls. Humans are creatures that adapt to their environment. But every spot, leaves a mark on us, some a small one, others shape who we are.  Every piece of my background takes me to a different part of the world.

I’ve been thinking about starting my own blog for many years. To me, it’s a place to vent, another place to call home, a place to let it all out. Why a nomad’s view? My soul is scattered across the globe, with my character shaped by my European based education, and my culture comprised by a combination of my Middle Eastern and West Asian ancestry. Somehow,I ended up in California. Possibly my last destination.

So welcome to my blog. A place I want to let out my frustration with the world, about inhumanity, intolerance, political hypocrisy and plain stupidity. This blog is not about left or right wing politics, liberal or conservative-it’s plain and simply a place to question hypocrisy and bigotry. A place for my rants and complaints against the world. And the place, I’m hoping, that will help me understand others and myself, more. Join the rant, share your thoughts, your life, your views and the nomad within you.

Nomad for life


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