Egypt’s Misguided Revolution-A new haven for radical Islamic fundamentalism?

The West’s misinterpretated Egyptians strive for fundamentalism, as a desire for democracy.

There were those of us that watched the Egyptian people protests in Tahrir square wishing for more rights, a new government and most importantly, for change, who are now experiencing a rude awakening. Well, not everyone. I am not surprised one bit.

In the midst of the protests, the violence I was surprised that the Western media ignored the Egyptian people’s history of supporting extremism, hate and intolerance towards their neighbors and their own people, to embrace a western dream of democracy, freedom and tolerance.

The rude awakening hit the west, the media and many of cheering bystanders across the world when the Israeli embassy in Cairo was under vicious attack on Friday September 10.  Protesters stormed the building violently, threatening the lives of those still on the inside.  In our home, scary images of the American hostage crisis in Tehran came to mind. Remembering the ordeal of negotiating the freedom of those innocent hostages, brings shivers to the minds of many. Prime Minister Netanyahu (Israel) tried repeatedly contacting Egyptian officials, and after six hours, yes six whole hours of constant calling, he was able to appeal to the Egyptians which led to the rescue effort. (On a side note, Israelis gathered in Tel Aviv by the Egyptian embassy and held a “love protest” to end war and hate. See pictures taken by a by stander by clicking here)

Yes this is only an example of many other brewing issues.  Growing fear of the Christian minority for their life in Egypt has led to their voice being chocked out of the this new government, leading the path to a similar situation that the Christian minority in Lebanon faces. Ironically, it is that minority, that seeks a more modern society.

The attack on the embassy adds to the growing fear that Egypt’s new government is going to be hijacked by Islamic fundamentalist, adding Egypt to the ring of terrorist harboring areas in the Middle East- Lebanon, Syria, Yemen, and Iran.  The United States and the world at large, cannot afford to lose another country to islamic fundamentalist that will produce a new safe haven for terrorist activities that will threaten the world order. It is in the interest of the United States and Europe, to ensure that Egypt’s new government will fulfill the requirements of a new sovereign nation with civil rights for all its residents, and enforces humanitarian codes.

Realistically it will take decades to realize a new society. It took the west centuries to reach it’s state today–we can accelerate this process for Egypt with strong involvement and monitoring in exchange for financial aid (which they are already receiving). All I’m saying is, that we need to monitor the funds that are being provided to this new and extremely volatile nation, to ensure we protect our investments.

Read more about the attack on MSNBC.


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