Take A Stand For Peace

These are grave times, once again. In the Middle East once again, the guns are out, the fighting has begun and across the world, there are those of us, trying to figure out what would help solve this issue. What would bring Peace? What could bring harmony when there is such hate?

Today an activist for peace told me…

“Most of us think we are “standing” with a race, culture, or religion. But in reality we are creating a position against one another. How will we ever come together as human beings if we keep separation going? Time to create unity. Time to come together. We are all the same. We all want love. We have a choice to be connecting with each other as the human race versus creating more separation, hate, and anger. Empower each other, versus bring each other down. Share love with each other instead of sharing hateful speech. We are in charge of making these choices. Choose to come together versus creating more separation!

Take a stand versus take a position. I stand for humanity. What do you stand for?”
Share your thoughts….

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